At present, there are roughly three types of cables on the market, namely VB cable, VV cable and BVR cable. The three categories are divided into various subcategories, and different specifications use different wires. Take VB type as an example, it takes 1.14 wires for 1 square meter, 1.38 wires for 1.5 square meters, 1.78 wires for 2.5 square meters and 2.25 wires for 4 square meters.

A.Types of cables

1) Take cover engineering generally adopts copper-plastic wire. According to the color, it can be divided into red copper plastic wire, two-color copper plastic wire and blue copper plastic wire. Generally, the red copper plastic wire represents the live wire, the blue copper plastic wire represents the zero wire, and the two-color copper plastic wire represents the ground wire. Shopping guide experts spend the least money to buy the most suitable decoration building materials for you.

2) The outer surface of sheath line is protected by two layers of insulating leather, which has high insulation and is not easy to be damaged. It can be used directly on the wall. However, the heat dissipation performance is not very good, and too many cables tied together will cause safety hazards.

3) There is a layer of insulating rubber outside the rubber-sheathed cable, which can be used for waterproof and insulation. It is a cable that can be used in water. Because of its strong waterproof and uniqueness, this cable is widely used in industry, navigation and other fields.

B.The specifications of the cable The middle category of household cable can be mainly divided into two types: hard wire and soft wire. The functions of the two types are the same. The commonly used cross-sectional specifications are 1.5 mm, 2.5 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm and 10 mm, which can be purchased according to the electricity consumption at home.

C.The cable purchase considerations

1) It is necessary to check whether the cable has 3C certification mark, or if it has been approved by the State Electrotechnical Commission.

2) Pay attention to the protective layer of copper wire. The better the quality, the longer the service life, and there will be no leakage. At the same time, we must also look at the quality of copper wire. It is the most important part of the wire, so you can't choose too bad.