With the continuous development of random connector industry, the classified electronic connector is one of the most popular connector industries. At present, there are many kinds of connectors, classification methods are also many, for example, according to the frequency points, there are high frequency connectors and low frequency connectors; According to the shape of the circular connector, rectangular connector; According to use cent, have printed board uses connector, cabinet uses connector, sound equipment uses connector, power supply connector, special use connector and so on.

In general, connectors are classified in four ways: electrical requirements; Environmental conditions; Shape structure and installation method; Connector with special structure required. Welcome to view, the details are as follows:

1. Classification according to electrical requirements

Connectors according to their electrical requirements can be divided into universal connectors, high-power connectors, high-voltage connectors, pulse connectors, low-noise connectors, anti-interference filtering connectors, phase modulation connectors, precision coaxial connectors, etc.

2. Classification according to environmental conditions

Connector can be divided into sealed connector, radiation resistant connector, high temperature connector, low temperature connector and so on according to its working environmental conditions.

3, according to the shape of the structure and installation

The connector can be divided into round connector, rectangular connector, straight connector, bent connector and so on according to its shape structure characteristics. According to its installation mode can be divided into cable connector, panel connector, through the wall connector, etc.

4, according to the special requirements of the special structure of the connector

Special structure of connectors are element plug force connector, rubber connector, rotary connector, separation - off connector and optical fiber connector, etc.