Aviation plugs are mainly circular, known internationally as circular connectors, and more specifically, cylindrical pin electrical connectors. Its basic feature is that the aviation plug and socket are all equipped with turnbuckles. After connecting, they can be screwed and fixed without falling off. General aviation plugs contain contacts that transmit data and power.

The name of aviation is not a strict classification, it is an industry alias. Aviation plugs are also called military plugs, which are actually a type of connectors.

Use multi-contact connectors for component-to-cable and cable-to-cable connections, with circular connectors preferred.

Advantages and disadvantages of circular connectors

1. Advantages: Circular connectors are ideal for electrical connector applications that require stronger terminals. The cylindrical shape makes it particularly resistant to mechanical bumps and shocks.

2. Disadvantages: The circular surface area limits the guide | pin and socket arrangement of the circular connector surface, while the connector with the rectangular surface can be installed at a larger, more uniform spacing in a smaller surface area More contacts.

Applications of circular connectors

1. The cylindrical structure in the circular connector is naturally sturdy and has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other shape. Easy to use with standard machine tools.

2. Easy to seal, easy to insert and disassemble. Simple and robust lock-receiving mechanism.