1. Temperature

Theory and practice show that the insulation resistance coefficient decreases exponentially with the increase of temperature, while the conductivity increases exponentially with the increase of temperature.

  1. Humidity

The humidity of the environment in which the cable is used also has a great influence on the insulation of the cable, because with the increase of humidity, the resistance of the cable will change accordingly, just as we said before, the humidity is also proportional to the insulation resistance.

  1. Material purity

It is said that the purity of the material also has a certain influence on the resistance, which may not be particularly understood by everyone. In fact, the reason is relatively simple, because the addition of other impurities in the material will increase the conductive particles in the cable material, which will lead to the decline of insulation resistance. The purity of the material has a direct impact on the insulation resistance of the cable, and the insulation resistance of the material with poor purity will be relatively larger.

In practical application, we need to combine these factors to choose the cable, and choose the cable according to the purpose, so that the use effect will be better. As a kind of silicone rubber cable, we also need to pay attention to these problems.