Box header connector usually consists of a square plastic socket and a number of square pin arranged neatly. The difference between the Box header connector and the Ejector header connector is that the Box header connector removes the buckles on both sides, which effectively reduces the space occupation of the connector on the PCB, and realizes a more compact interconnection design for applications that do not require high connection firmness.

According to the demand, the spacing of Box header connectors is commonly three specifications: 1.27mm, 2.0mm and 2.54mm. According to the different spacing, the diameter of the square row of needles used is also changed accordingly. The contact surface between the bottom and PCB can be designed as Straight DIP, Straight SMT and Right Angle DIP .

Applications: After the Box header connector soldered on PCB, which can connect IDC cables with corresponding specifications, and then form the circuit connection mode required by designers with other circuits. Usually used to transmit control signals and weak current. Box header connector is widely used in CNC machine tools, excavation equipment, instruments and meters, security, intelligent gates, communications, automobile industry, artificial intelligence and other fields.