Today, the continuous decline of the consumer electronics market and the vigorous development of the new energy vehicle market have also caused the entire supply chain market to show a trend of polarization. Some of the leading supply chain companies that "get on the train" early have already reaped their dividends in this wave of structural changes in the market, but many companies that have failed to keep up with the pace of market changes are in a difficult situation because of the decline in orders and performance. .

The connector market is similar. At present, with the gradual recovery of the production capacity of domestic and foreign connector manufacturers, the delivery time of automotive connectors, which are still growing in Q2 this year, has eased to a certain extent, but the price still has a continuous upward trend. On the other hand, some domestic small and medium-sized connector companies are facing the dilemma of lack of orders, and the entire market seems to be increasingly showing a trend of "polarization".