1.27mm dual row straight

A Board connector is also called a board-to-board connector (BTB). Board connector is a connector product with strong signal transmission capacity, has a strong high-speed high-frequency signal transmission capacity, and is very stable. It is widely used in communication network, intelligent home, industrial automation, medical equipment and other fields.

The basic performance of the board connector is vibration, acceleration, mechanical life, plug force four. Acceleration is generally only required for connectors used in aerospace parts. Vibration refers to the plate connector in a certain frequency, amplitude of the environment, does not produce damage to the connector, and the connector can still work normally. Mechanical life is for the number of plug and insert, that is, in a certain number of plug and insert no mechanical damage, no damage to the performance of the connector. Pulling and inserting force refers to whether the fingerboard socket can find a proper balance point between mutual fixation and easy pulling and inserting.

At present, the board connector is developing towards the direction of high reliability, low height, small pitch, multi-function, good electromagnetic compatibility, high speed transmission, standardization and customization. With the development of mobile electronic devices, it is foreseeable that the market for board connectors will continue to expand, and there will be more applications.