Universal wall connector integrates NACS cable with J1772 adapter into wall-mounted box, which is compatible with various vehicles such as Tesla Model Y, GMC Hummer electric vehicle and Nissan Leaf. For the NACS port, just lift the handle from the charging station, while the J1772 vehicle needs to pair the adapter with the cable by pressing the button on the handle.

Similar to Magic Dock implemented at a specific super charging station, Tesla provides a seamless charging experience. Drivers of CCS-equipped vehicles such as Ford F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1T or Chevrolet Bolt EV use Tesla applications to manage payment and release adapters. Universal wall connector eliminates the need for interaction between mobile phone and application, and simplifies the charging process.

The working principle of the universal wall connector is similar to that of other wall connectors. On a 60-amp circuit, it can provide up to 11.5 kilowatts of power at 48 amps. Tesla claims that its most efficient car can travel 44 miles per hour when fully charged. Wall connectors are versatile and durable with a 24-foot cable and a four-year warranty.

In addition, Tesla plans to introduce new functions for universal wall connectors, including scheduling charging time, remotely starting or stopping charging, and tracking energy consumption through Tesla applications. These updates are designed to provide similar functions to popular Wi-Fi home charging stations, such as ChargePoint home Flex and Wallbox Pulsar Plus.

With the introduction of universal wall connector by Tesla, the J1772 wall connector will be phased out. The NACS wall connector costs $475 and will continue to be a more affordable choice for Tesla owners in the NACS ecosystem.

Generally speaking, the universal wall connector helps to solve the increasingly complex charging environment and ensure that your charging solution is suitable for the ever-developing electric vehicle market.