High temperature resistant liquid crystal polymer, referred to as LCP high temperature material, is a new type of polymer with outstanding properties.

Characteristics of LCP high temperature material:
1. LCP high temperature material has self-reinforcing properties: it has the characteristics of unusual and uniform fibrous structure, so the unreinforced liquid crystal plastic can reach or even exceed the mechanical strength and modulus of ordinary engineering plastics reinforced with tens of percent of glass fibers s level. If it is reinforced with glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc., it is far more than other engineering plastics.
2. Liquid crystal polymer also has excellent thermal stability, heat resistance and chemical resistance. The creep characteristics of most plastics are negligible for liquid materials, and the wear resistance and wear reduction are excellent.
3. LCP high temperature material has good weather resistance and radiation resistance, and has excellent flame retardancy. It can extinguish the flame without continuing to burn. Its combustion grade reaches UL94V-0 level.
4. LCP has outstanding corrosion resistance, and LCP products will not be corroded in the presence of 90% acid and 50% alkali. For industrial solvents, fuel oils, detergents and hot water, it will not dissolve upon contact and will not cause stress cracking.