Trends in the connector industry
1.high frequency and high speed connector technology
Connectors provide current and signal transmission performance in the application of 5G communication equipment. However, 5G Internet has very high requirements for high data and high transmission, so the design of connectors must also have the technical characteristics of high speed and high frequency.
2.wireless transmission connector technology
In the Internet of Things era, wireless transmission technology is everywhere. In order to keep up with The Times, the connector industry needs to develop wireless transmission technologies to meet the innovative needs of applications in addition to enabling contact connections. 
3.smaller and more convenient connector technology
In the past, connector products were plugged into card device slots through contacts, but a single fiber-optic device for 5G applications can have dozens of connectors, requiring smaller connectors to implement higher-performance connectivity technologies.

4.high precision and lower cost connector technology
Automotive equipment has high requirements for safety performance and automotive connectors are a large market. With the rapid development of electric vehicles, the development of connector technology will require higher precision and cost. 
5. Smarter connector technology
With the popularization of Al intelligent technology, the technology trend of the connector industry should also be intelligent. The design of connector products needs to have the characteristics of intelligent judgment and protection. 
6.connector automation production technology
The traditional connector production technology is mainly manual, but with the rapid development of industrial automation equipment, connector production technology is gradually developing to the direction of automation.