The unique business model of connector industry

Connector is the basic component of electronic terminal to realize signal transmission and exchange. It should not only meet the basic requirements of performance and match with all kinds of connected components, but also meet the increasing requirements of customers in different fields on product quality, stability, size and cost. However, connector has a low degree of standardization and a wide range of combinations. Therefore, most connector products need to be developed in cooperation with customers or customized according to customer needs, and new products need to be continuously designed and developed with the upgrading of customers' products, which is harmful to the product design ability and production of connector enterprises.

As an electronic component, connector mainly plays the role of connection, which requires high quality and stability. On the one hand, the connector is generally located at the intersection of two components, and the impact and friction will be greater than other parts; On the other hand, the connector also plays an important role in protecting the core components from the external environment, which requires the connector to have good quality stability.

Because many connector products belong to customized parts, connector enterprises generally organize production according to customer orders, which is order-driven. With the steady progress of electronization and informatization, connectors need to be constantly updated, which requires connector enterprises to quickly respond to customer needs and cooperate with customers to complete the development, design, production delivery and after-sales service of new products as soon as possible.