Development course of connectors

Connector products originated from American fighter manufacturing technology in 1939. With the development of consumer electronic products such as TV and telephone, connectors quickly expanded to consumer electronics, automobiles and computers. The connector industry in China sprouted in the 1940s. Before the reform and opening up, it was mainly used in military and aviation industries, and gradually applied to consumer electronic products after the 1980s. Since 1990s, connector manufacturers all over the world have gradually moved their production bases to China, and the connector industry in China has developed rapidly, and now it has become the largest connector market in the world.

At present, the application fields of connectors are very extensive, covering almost all the scenes that need electric signal and optical signal transmission and interaction, among which automobile, communication, computer, industry, transportation, military industry and other fields account for the top.

With the continuous expansion of application fields, the connector industry has gradually developed into an industry with complete product categories, rich varieties and specifications, subdivided professional direction, obvious industry characteristics, standardized standard system, serialization and specialization.