Cable is an industrial product and is used in all walks of life. At present, there are more than 10,000 cable manufacturers in China, with an output value of more than one trillion yuan. The cable industry is a mature pillar industry and indispensable for the country.

1.transmit electric energy

We need electricity in our daily life and industrial production. Electricity is generated by power plants, but cables are needed to transmit electricity from power plants to the terminals where we use electricity. Cables are like blood vessels of the human body, transmitting electric energy. Without cables, all our machines can't be used, which is unacceptable to us, so cables are indispensable and necessary.

2.transmit signals

This is also easy to understand. The connecting line between the host computer and the monitor of the desktop computer transmits the signal of the host computer to the monitor for display through the cable. When we enter the elevator, press the button up and down or once, that is, transmit the floor signal you arrive to the central control host through the cable to work. The network cable, optical fiber and optical cable we use are all used to transmit signals. In the information age, these things can't be missing.

  1. Other uses

Power transmission and signal transmission are the main purposes of cables, which occupy most of the cable production capacity, and there are some minority functions, such as heating cables used in our floor heating, which provide heat for the room after being electrified. Temperature measuring cable is the wire and cable that can monitor the temperature change in real time. The temperature measuring cable can measure the amplitude of temperature change with time, and the monitored temperature is the highest in the whole measured area.