Connector is a large category, it can be divided into many different categories of connectors, and the categories are different according to different requirements.

Classification according to electrical requirements: connectors can be divided into ordinary connectors, high-power connectors, high-voltage connectors, pulse connectors, low-noise connectors, noise filter connectors, phase modulation connectors and precision connectors according to their electrical requirements Shaft connectors, etc.

According to environmental conditions: connectors can be divided into sealed connectors, anti-radiation connectors, high temperature connectors, low temperature connectors, etc. according to the working environment

Connectors with special structures according to special requirements: Connectors with special structures include meta-plug-force connectors, rubber connectors, swivel connectors, bifurcated connectors and fiber optic connectors.

According to the shape structure and installation method: connectors can be divided into circular connectors, rectangular connectors, straight connectors, curved connectors, type 1 connectors, etc. according to their appearance and structural characteristics.

According to the installation method, it can be divided into cable connectors, panel connectors, wall connectors, etc.

According to each different requirement, our connectors also become more professional and unidirectional. For example: one of our connectors can meet the performance of waterproof, high temperature resistance or long life, then as our requirements are different and the number of requirements is different, this connector will gradually extend to the direction of customization.